Do you love reading books? Do you want your fellow book nerds to know how much you loved the last book you read? Or do you hate the recent book you read and want to warn all bookworms from falling for its sexy book cover?

Writing a book review is just the thing you should be doing.

Or are you thinking of starting a book blog and understanding the work involved in writing book review posts for your book blog? Read on.

What is a book review? The definition

Reviews are indexed in a database like the Book Review Index or the Kirkus Reviews.

Writing a book review is summarizing, analyzing, and presenting a critical discussion of the book. Your analysis and opinion need to come out clearly with confidence without letting go of your personal touch and taste.

This is not an opportunity to brag about your intelligence or authority on writing skills. You have to express your reactions to whether the book achieved what it set out to do. You may agree or disagree with the author, but your discussion needs to be around what was written, not what you wanted to be written by the author.

Book review vs. Book summary

A book summary is the general description of the context of a book. It gives an overview of the story for the reader of what is expected in the story highlighting only the main points. There are no opinions or “I think” or “I love” here. It is never long.

A book review may consist of a book summary or synopsis and commentary of the book. It includes the reviewer’s opinions analysis and critiques. It is meant to be lengthy, but a review beyond 1000 words is rare.

Why Book reviews? Are they Important?

Book reviews give books visibility. That, in turn, improves its chances of being found by readers. So as a book reviewer you become a guide for readers.

Book critiques are essential to authors, publishers, and readers.

For an author, a book is a business, and they need reviews for their product to establish credibility and popularity.

Reviews are so much more important to new authors/self-published authors because they’re writing is yet unknown. Feedback about their writing is essential to new writers and old. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but you might be the one to have found the next new J.K.Rowling!

For publishers, book reviews give them easy marketing of the book they think has potential.

Readers having no knowledge of a book or its plot or author select a book based on its reviews. Reviews give the reader the push they need to purchase a book.

According to Submittable, a company specializing in collecting data and reviewing data, here are three trends that look encouraging for books in general.

One of the most exciting—and unexpected—trends over the last decade is the resurgence of independent bookstores across the US.

Audiobooks have become a rage. 

So what genres are making it big? Interestingly Poetry and Non-fiction are making headlines.

Self-Publishing is here in a big way.