Who We Are

Welcome to Ghana’s most exciting Flea market for used books and vintage/rare books! You will get all the bargains here! Sankofa Books is your one-stop shop for used books, rare books and out-of-print books. We roam for them and bring them to you!

Bussiness Strategy

For the book lover in Ghana, the main complaints are availability of titles, finding the right one-stop bookshops where they can get the books they crave and, with the increase in traffic in cities, the inconvenience and frustration of hopping from bookshop to bookshop, and the associated stress. For book lovers outside the capital, especially, these issues are compounded by lack of access to well-stocked outlets for books.

SankofabooksStore, a fast-growing online bookstore operating out of Ghana, is here to meet both the needs of authors/publishers and book lovers alike. Sankofabooks.store is the bridge between author/publisher and reader.

For the reader, we are constantly updating our titles and we are happy to help source the books you crave!

For the author or publisher, stock of books is taken in small quantities and sales revenue is transferred in real time – via mobile money or bank transfer (where possible). This ensures that there is regular communication on stock levels and replenishment is made when stocks are low. So, with BookNook, your books will never be out of stock, as long as you have stock as an author or publisher!

Presently, we are retailing books from Ghanaian publishers such as Afram Publications, Literamed Publications/Lantern Books, Smartline Limited, Buck Press and Type Company as well as some notable authors in Ghana.

You can contact Sankofabooks Store via sales@sanlofabooks.store or via WhatsApp at +233 24 52 75 981.

Website: www.booknook.store.

Visit us on our FB page, as well as Twitter and Instagram. We are well-known in the social media. We are well-known in the social media space which we use to great effect in marketing the titles we stock.

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